Google Consumer Surveys

Google Consumer Surveys brings journalists the latest data on elections and political opinions. Create your own surveys for custom insights specific to your audience for free. Faster and more accurate online polling. Imagine surveying public opinion with a tool so precise, it could predict the nationrsquo;s next president. That tool is Google Consumer Surveys.


API Paths

Get Mobile App Panels (GET) /mobileAppPanels OpenAPI
Get Mobile App Panel (GET) /mobileAppPanels/{panelId} OpenAPI
Update Mobile App Panel (PUT) /mobileAppPanels/{panelId} OpenAPI
Get Surveys (GET) /surveys OpenAPI
Create Survey (POST) /surveys OpenAPI
Begin Survey (POST) /surveys/{resourceId}/start OpenAPI
Stop Survey (POST) /surveys/{resourceId}/stop OpenAPI
Remove Survey (DELETE) /surveys/{surveyUrlId} OpenAPI
Get Survey (GET) /surveys/{surveyUrlId} OpenAPI
Update Survey (PUT) /surveys/{surveyUrlId} OpenAPI
Get Survey Results (GET) /surveys/{surveyUrlId}/results OpenAPI